Vinyl Nitrile Foam

Quality Vinyl Nitrile Foam Products

Vinyl nitrile foams are one of the most versatile foam materials in the industry. Vinyl nitrile foams are closed cell products, generally of low-density construction exhibiting firm support, low attenuation characteristics and good durability as well as weather resistant, flame retardant and are especially oil resistant. Vinyl nitrile foams are used in more outdoor applications than any other product.

Vinyl nitrile foamsares virtually indestructible, and they excellent products for cushioning, vibration dampening, and shock absorption. These products are die-cuttable to customer specification.

Foam Applications

  • HVAC Equipment Panels
  • Fiber Free Insulation Alternative
  • Metal to Metal Seals/Gaskets/Gap Filler
  • Wrapping Chilled Water Lines
  • automobiles, truck and motor homes
  • soundproofing
Vinyl Nitrile Foam
Vinyl Nitrile Foam
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